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Here are some recent book reviews which have been kindly contributed on matters to do with theology and unity. They are not in any priority order.

The Early Church at Work and Worship
Catachesis, Baptism, Eschaology and Martyrdom by Everett Francis

Like a Mighty Army
The Salvation Army, the Church and the Churches by David Taylor

Pope Francis. His Life and Thought
A look at the history and theology of Pope Francis

Missio-shaped Unity: Missio Dei and a new way of being Churches Together
The mission of God and implications for churches together 

Coat of Many Colours
Growth and mission of black majority churches in Britain

From Times Square to Timbuktu
Post Christian West meets the non-western church

Ecumenical Dynamic
Keith Clements on living in more than one place at a time

Baptised into Christ. A Guide to Ecumenical Discussion on Baptism.
Dagmar Heller from the World Council of Churches

Catherine Booth: Theological Foundations for a Radical Movement
Salvation, Church, Ministry,Holiness and Sacraments

Confessing the Faith Yesterday and Today
Essays Reformed, Dissenting and Catholic

The Vision of God: Richard Hooker
Exploring the origins of Anglicanism

The Undivided Past
Professor Cannadine on good and bad, right and wrong

Church Growth in Britain
David Goodhew: 1980 to the Present

Francis Spufford on why Christianity can make emotional sense.

Ready of Not
Ruth Harvey on teaching among children

Seeking Justice
Keith Hebden on 'compassionate resistance'.

The Truth that Sets us Free
Collection from Iona Community: John Bell

Unity in Process
Reflections on Ecumenism: Ed Clive Barrett

My Journal of the Council
Yves Congar: Collegeville Liturgical Press 2012

A book review about 'Christians Against Poverty'

Gift or a Given?
A Theology of Healing for the Twenty-first Century by John P. Atkinson

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