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Issues around disability confront us in the life of the churches in a wide variety of ways. There are physical aspects which relate to accessibility. There are others which relate to attitudes and participation in the life of the church. Participation can relate to the leading of worship, fellowship groups, decision making and social activities. All are undergirded by a theology of disability - how our understanding of God is shaped by our experience of disability.


In the churches we are assisted by

a) those appointed in the churches and denominations

b) Christian organisations addressing specific issues


Links will lead you to Churces for All and other Christian organisations. The Network is to enable engagement between any in the churches involved in issues around disabiliity.


On this site you will find links to resources that come from a variety of sources, including individuals who offer their thinking and reflection and prayer.


A consortium of Christian disability organisations


A wider range of disability organisations is given here.





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