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Planning the CEO element of the All EOs' conference 

blank signpost resized for webThe 2016 Consultation (for CEOs and NEOs) agreed that CEOs in the regions would take it in turns to plan Consultations according to a rota. After 2019, it was agreed that separate Consultations will no longer take place but that the planning groups would, instead, plan the CEO-only time during the All EOs' conferences.

  • The National Ecumenical Officers of those Churches involved at IB level, working with CTE's Jenny Bond, take overall responsibility for the All EOs' conference, determining a theme and deciding how much time is spent separately: CEOs with CTE staff and DEOs in denominational groupings.
  • The CEOs in the region decide how to use the CEOs-only time but other CEOs are welcome to offer suggestions.
  • A planning group is established. Sometimes all the CEOs in the region are involved, at other times the task is delegated to two or three. The planning group works with Jenny Bond. She and Lorraine Shannon are responsible for the organisation running behind the All EOs' conferences.

The rota

The following regional groups of CEOs are due to plan the Consultation unless there is good reason for them to negotiate a swop with a different region. If a region wants to volunteer when it is not its turn, its offer is likely to be accepted with alacrity!

2021    South East (North) and London: David Hare and Jenny Clayton working with Doral Hayes.
2022    Yorkshire, NW and NE all together perhaps?

Past consultations
Yorkshire 2001 2013  
South West 2002 2012 2016
North West 2003 2011  
Eastern 2004 2014  
North East 2005    
South East (South) 2006 2015  
East Midlands 2007 2018  
West Midlands 2008 2019  
South East (North) 2009    
London 2010    


The North East is the only region consisting of one Intermediate Body with just one CEO. In 2005 the DEO group decided to be the planning group but in future it would make sense for the NE to join a neighbouring planning group.

In 2017, partly because the (then voluntary) rota was disrupted by a discussion about whether the planning should shift to volunteers gathered around a theme, the CEOs' and NEOs' Consultation was planned by David Cornick (CTE General Secretary) and Jenny Bond (CTE: Training, Resourcing and Events). However, the 2016 Consultation affirmed that Consultations should normally be planned by CEOs.

The 2020 All EOs' conference was cancelled due to coronavirus.

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