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Together for the Common Good (T4CG)

Together for the Common Good is rooted in the partnership between the late Archbishop Derek Worlock and Bishop David Sheppard and Free Church Leaders in Liverpool a generation ago.

For twenty years between the 1970s and the 1990s they worked together across their differences, alongside communities for the Common Good, building bridges across division in challenging times.

Together for the Common Good takes this forward, now not just for church leaders but for everyone.

As the title of their book ‘Better Together’ expresses, reconciliation was their method for building the Common Good. Putting the flourishing of people and community before their institutional self interests, they worked with communities, local groups, civic leaders and business to strengthen civil society. They put the city of Liverpool first in a time of polarisation and division.

They learned from each other, realising that each had different gifts to bring - gifts like Catholic social teaching, Anglican hospitality to the whole community, Free Church creativity, the see-judge-act methodology, courage and negotiating skills.

They encouraged local leadership among ‘communities of the left behind’, built bridges between mutually suspicious groups, listened to all sides, and interpreting between them – business and unions, Catholic and Protestant, the affluent and the left behind, the police and the black community, the Militant Tendency and the Thatcher government. In this way they strengthened civil society.

We believe there is much to learn from this partnership. Together for the Common Good seeks to take this forward for a new generation.

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