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The Pentecostal Presidency 

Memorandum of Agreement

  1. A President shall be elected/chosen by the Pentecostal members of CTE.

  2. The executive staff responsible for Pentecostal and Multicultural Relations (PMR) will oversee the process. All nominations will need the agreement of the nominee.

  3. A voting form will then be circulated with nominations including a short biography of each.

  4. Voting forms will be returned to the executive staff of PMR.

  5. The executive staff of PMR will approach the successful candidate and having ascertained their acceptance will then inform the Pentecostal members of the decision. Should there be a tie, a second vote will be held to discern between the tied candidates.

  6. The Pentecostal President will serve for four years, commencing 1 October.


We, the churches within the Pentecostal ‘family’ within CTE, recognise the need for balance within the Pentecostal Presidency of CTE. We are mindful that our constituency represents both the older white majority Pentecostal/Charismatic denominations and the newer Black Majority Pentecostal denominations.  As the Presidency develops we will seek to ensure that a balance is maintained between those two constituencies.


The first Pentecostal President, Eric Brown, was elected in 2013 for two years. He was re-elected for a further two years. Subsequently the term of office was changed to four years, as above. 

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