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Corrections to the LEP Register and new information

County Officers are asked to send corrections to the Register to Lorraine Shannon. You could use the form below but it will be easier to make the correction in the latest copy of the register. Then select the row by clicking the row number (to the left of the LEP number) and then copy it. Paste it into an e-mail, if possible ensuring that you retain the formatting.

If there is a new LEP, you can insert the information into your copy of the register and send it in the same way, making it clear that this is a new LEP. Alternatively, you may prefer to complete the form below:

Your name:  

Your email address:  

Is this a new LEP?  

Name of LEP:  

Notes, if any:  

Sponsoring Body:  

Type of LEP

You may tick more than one if the LEP is, for example, a single congregation and a shared building. However, if there are two overlapping LEPs you need to enter them separately. For example, a shared building may be shared by a single congregation LEP and another congregation so there will be two LEPs with the other congregation belonging only to one of them. If you tick 'other' please explain in the notes section above.

  1 Single Congregation
  2 Covenanted Partnership
  3 Shared Building
  4 Chaplaincy
  5 Mission
  6 Education
 7 Other

Denominations involved

Clearly you need to tick more than one! If other denominations are involved, please explain in the notes section above.

  Church of England
  Society of Friends (Quakers)
  The Salvation Army

  The United Reformed Church

If the following denominations are involved please give additional information:

Baptist Union of Great Britain code:   

Roman Catholic diocese:   

Methodist Circuit number:   

United Reformed Church code:   

If possible, please give the address of the LEP:

More importantly, please state the postcode:   

Do you have a telephone number for the LEP?   

An e-mail address for the LEP?   

The address of its website?   

If it is a registered charity, please give its charity number:   

When was the LEP established?   

When was it last reviewed?   

And when is its next review due?   

Thank you for completing this form. Please click 'send' below and you should get a message telling you that your submission has been successful.



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