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Unitatis Redintegratio 

2014 marked the 50th anniversary of both the Second Vatican Council and the British Council of Churches' Faith and Order conference in Nottingham, both of which took place in 1964 and both of which were key to the development of Christian unity in the last fifty years.

Unitatis Redintegratio is Vatican II's Decree on Ecumenism. It was promulgated on 21 November 1964 and represented a huge shift in the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, although signs of change had been evident earlier. Unitatis Redintegratio officially recognised that ecumenism is a priority for the Roman Catholic Church which no longer understood unity as 'separated brethren' returning to the fold, but as restoration, a way forward to a unity which is not uniformity.

Throughout England the anniversary was celebrated in various different ways. Key events included:

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