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Church and New Housing Areas
An Introduction 

NHA cardWelcome to this web area about how the churches in England, local, regional and national, are responding to the new housing agenda.

This web area is written particularly with the local church leader in mind but will be relevant to everyone interested in the challenge and opportunity. It is intended to be a resource for churches working together in serving their local community and planned and and actual new housing developments.

Whether complete new towns or add on estates, nearly all parts of England are being presented with the challenge and opportunity of new housing areas (NHAs). Here we provide stories and resources to encourage and equip. Visit the contact page if you have material we could consider adding to the web area and tell other people about the resource using the short address

The web area is set out like the chapters of a book, with sub headings and links from the main menu. It includes resources for the wider church and is intended as a 'one stop shop' to access reports, articles, contacts and advice for anyone considering the 'church and new housing agenda'. It is hosted by the Churches Group for New Housing Areas on behalf of the member churches of Churches Together in England. Here, Revd Simon Taylor, moderator, introduces the group, the agenda, and the web area:


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