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Mission and social action
social action and church growt

The 3rd and 4th marks of mission might be best be described (although there are other ways) as summing up the board approach of mission and social action.
At one point in mission history there seemed to be a stark divide between some who felt that preaching of the gospel was always absolute priority over against social action or concern and that social action was merely a tool to open up a community. That has largely changed to the point where evangelism and social action are the seen as the different sides of the same coin. 
Certainly, there are a large number of ways churches in ecumenical partnership can bless their local communities. With the 10 years of austerity under the current government many services have been cut and whilst this is lamentable it does provide the local church with opportunities to love and serve. 
Previous research about how the church has been involved in social action from 2014 can be found here

Working with us at CTE is Dr Charles Jardine. 

He writes

Does your outreach mission seek to serve the needy in your area?  If you aren’t serving in this way, is it something you are considering?  If you are involved in Christian social action, are you struggling to achieve the spiritual and social results you hoped for? Are you lacking the support and guidance you need to succeed? Are you with a town or county-based ecumenical partnership? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, do please read on.
We know that governments can’t sustain growing social costs, as demonstrated by major budget cuts to youth and adult social services, care services for the elderly, education and etc - with negative impacts on individuals and communities. Increasingly business and not-for-profit providers are being contracted to deliver public services.  

Thankfully, we also know that our Lord Jesus is the hope of nations, and that we, his people, are called upon to seek God’s help to heal our land.  Helping the poor and needy in our communities does not mean we take over government responsibilities and costs, but it does give us Gospel opportunities to serve in ways that are increasingly relevant to many of our neighbours.

Charles' passion is to help Christian not-for-profits to find practical ways to let their light shine through missional social action.  From a professional background (accountancy/consultancy) with not-for-profits, government authorities and businesses Charles has researched and developed a faith-based approach to affordable and sustainable Christian social action.  To support missional social action, Charles has tailored a range of social enterprise means and methods, including resource optimisation, strategic collaboration and manageable growth.  The goal is to develop capacity that produces fundable spiritual-social impacts. Interested?  Contact him for a free phone consultation: Dr Charles Jardine FCCA, MBA, DChA: 01323 833568 or 07782 634720 or



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