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The Churches Group for Evangelisation


The Churches Group for Evangelisation, often called 'GfE', brings together the evangelism officers of the churches in England, together with some evangelism representatives of major home mission agencies. 

The Churches Group for Evangelisation is a coordinating group of Churches Together in England (CTE). The general purpose is to help the churches in England work together 'that the world might believe'. Our strapline is 'Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ together'.

In addition to their own core work, the denominational and agency evangelism officers keep a watching brief on all aspects of evangelisation in England . The group meets together 3 times a year and CTE offers a neutral space in which a wide variety of topics are considered and coordinated. CGfE chiefly coordinates information between the churches and provides planning and prayer space for projects that can be brought together or coordinated together.   

The Christian Enquiry Agency and

A key role of CTE and CGfE in particular is to be a support network for the independent charity Christian Enquiry Agency (CEA). CEA is more than 25 years old and an Agency of CTE - which means in effect that it formally works on behalf of the member churches of CTE. The Churches Group for Evangelisation acts as a Reference Group for CEA, as the CEA Communications Manager reports to CGfE meetings, while at the same time CGfE/CTE is represented in the board of CEA.

The main work of CEA is now online through the website through which visitors are invited to ask more about the Christian faith or request prayer. A church facing website to resource local churches is     

Other work of CGfE
As well as members of the group sharing news of their churches regarding mission and evangelism and comparing notes/seeing what can be coordinated, recent topics of common interest have included Hope Together, Thy Kingdom Come, Advance 2020, church planting, Fresh Expressions, National Weekend of Invitation, discipleship resources for evangelism etc.

In the past particular topics in evangelisation were either researched or a conference held eg on Migration, New Housing, Proclamation as the group saw a need to coordinate, Major work in the CGfE history included the Decade of Evangelism/Evangelisation in the 1990's; Millennium Celebrations at AD2000; a Sprituality and Evangelism tour and books Evangelism in a Spiritual Age, as well as a number of other resources in fulfilling the prayer of Jesus in John 17, 'that they may all be one .. so that the world may believe you have sent me'.

CGfE In relation to CTE

CGfE has a key role in the history of CTE, which traces some of its history back to the 1910 Edinburgh Missionary Conference, and reflected in the Swanwick Declaration that guided the formation of CTE in 1990 which includes the words:

'Our call is to witness that God is in Christ, reconciling the world to himself. It is our conviction that, as a matter of policy at all levels and in all places, our churches must now move fro co-operation to clear commitment to each other ... in common evangelism and service to the world'.

The CTE contact person for CGfE is Ben Aldous






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