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All photographs on the CTE website are our own and copyright free for others to use. We provide these in good faith that they will be used responsibly by churches and not for any commercial gain and we accept no responsibility as to how they might be subsequently used.

The size of the website photographs are small to keep up the speed of searching the site. If there is a particular photograph you are interested in using of a higher reolution, do ask and leave a few days for it to be sourced and sent by email attachment or Dropbox. This is a service we cannot offer often but if there is a specific request.
Alert re Photograph copyright

The reason for saying that all photographs on the CTE website are copyright free and available for you to use is because there is a real issue about using pictures and copyright. Please be aware of the following alert that needs to be taken seriously as legal action has been taken after demands for £750 have been made where copyright has been breached. Getty Images is one of the largest photo stock libraries inthe world, and makes no secret that it has the technology to search for their registered (and tagged) pictures hosted on other websites. It is very easy to use pictures from Google Images, for example, without knowing the original - and trackable - source.

Read more about the alert re photograph copyright

Creative Commons   

If you are sourcing photographs for websites, blogsites, twitter, magazines and leaflets, you can either pay the appropriate copyright fee through a photo stock provider, or - as in the case of 'Flickr' - look for images that are released and copyright free. This arrangement is called 'Creative Commons'.

Check this out:

Please be aware that photograph copyright is a a major issue and we know of instances where legal demands have been made in retrospect of non compliance. Although we offer the use of photographs from the CTE website for general use (cut and paste / keep the same size) we recommend all church related online media sites use their own pictures generated by there own network people. If you need images froma stock library to illustrate a particular point or story please make sure you folllow the copyright guidelines and possible cost.

The CTE contact person is Lucy Olofinjana, if you have a particular request for a picture from the CTE website.

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