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'Sharing faith the Jesus way' book

Do you find sharing your faith difficult? BRF cover SFTJW

Ever thought that's because we haven't really understood the Jesus way?

Jim Currin, in his book, 'Sharing faith the Jesus way', shows how Jesus had no fixed way of sharing the good news. The form of his message depended on the need of the person in front of him.

How does that change or approach? 'Significantly', says Jim, who is a Church Army evangelist and 'Evangelisation, Mission and Media' for Churches Together in England. 'The goal becomes one of listening, praying, and trusting the prompting of the Holy Spiorit to reveal the deepest needs of the people we encounter, so that we can speak and help in ways that truly matter and draws them closer to faith in Jesus. It makes evangelism a practice not to be feared, but one all Christians can embrace. It is the way Jesus did it, not with a formala, but addressing a persons needs with the aspect of the gospel most relevant to them'. 

Jim's approach to evangelism was opened up for discussion earlier this year in the Grove booklet 'The 360 Gospel of Jesus' (Ev 93 on

Published on July 22nd 2011, 'Sharing faith the Jesus way' was printed by Bible Reading Fellowship ( but is now out of print. With permission from BRF it is here now available as a free PDF to download.

Download the free PDF Sharing Faith the Jesus way

David Cornick, General Secretary at Churches Together in England, says in the Foreword, ' This will be a source of courage for those of us who don't know quite where to begin - and, for those who have begun the journey, it is a compendium of wisdom, humour and ideas'. He goes on to say, 'Use it, and let the 360 degree gospel of Jesus surprise and entrance you'.

Find out more from the personal website that accompanies this book:

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